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Available on all major devices such as iPhone3S, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad, iPad2, All Android smartphones and tablets as well as all browsers on desktops. Receive a free app on any device after you register for GeoScout.


Chat with your troop members

Scoutmaster, Scouts and their parents can chat with each other using free texting with no additional cost.


Make trips

Scoutmaster or his delegate can create trips from anywhere to anywhere with origin, stops and destination by providing address or simply tapping on the map. The entire trip including all stops and destination as well the map can be pre-loaded on the mobile device prior to the trip. This feature saves on the data plan and the battery life of the device. If for any reason during the trip, cell coverage is lost, GeoScout will store all the data on the device itself until the signal is available next and will continue.


My Checklist

Developed specifically for scouts going on a hiking or a camping trip, they and their parents can keep track of their belongings such as tents, clothes and sleeping bag. My Checklist serves as a reminder as well as an aid to the patrol leader in deciding who will bring what, and remember to bring them back!


Your virtual buddy

Scouting has always had a time honored ‘buddy system’ as a safety measure while camping or hiking. GeoScout is your virtual buddy. This patent pending feature ensures that the scout is where he is supposed to be and yet, does not interfere with his scouting.

GeoScout SOS


Another patent pending feature of GeoScout is SOS Button. This allows a scout to immediately summon help from his buddies or patrol leaders with just two taps. All pre-selected persons get notified on their selected devices.

The scout’s location can be seen live on the map through any mobile device in case of emergency



GeoScout Rewards Program provides a way for troop members to earn cash rewards for their troop. Scouts can earn these rewards on an ongoing basis simply by having their buddies and families get the GeoScout app. Also a great way to recruit more scouts to their troops.


A cubscout? (COPPA) Are you under 13?

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    You, a scout, MUST be 13 or older to use any of the forms available at this website.
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    We must have a parent’s consent, along with the parent's email address to verify this consent, for the under age scout to use any of the forms available at this website, including creation of the GeoScout account.
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    We are in total compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act –COPPA. Please visit for more information.


Game On!

Game On! Is a unique feature of GeoScout. This is where scouts can select fun games they can play while on a hiking trip using their device and interacting with their immediate environment. GameOn! includes popular games such as GeoCaching, Treasure Hunt, and Orienteering among other and more are on way! Look out for plenty of fun scouts can have with their buddies while having adventure and exploration!

GeoScout is packed with features useful to scouts, scoutmaster and scout families.

Outdoor safety, fun, rewards, trips, games and much more… Checkout GeoScout

GeoScout is a unique, patent pending web based service that connects the scouts, their troop and their families with Smartphones, Internet browsers and other mobile devices. By this connectivity, parents can see their scouts on a camping or a hiking trip live on a map on their browser in the comfort of their home knowing they are safe. Not just ensuring they are safe, scouts, their patrol buddies and others can do live chat also.

  • Safe - GeoScout alerts others when a scout wanders off and goes where he is not supposed to.
  • Secure - In case of an emergency if a scout gets injured or lost, he can summon for help with just two taps and everyone gets notified by email or SMS and the scout’s location can be seen live on the map on a browser or even the device.
  • Rewarding - The best part is that by signing up and telling their friends and family about it, the scouts can even earn money! Over time, these rewards can build up significantly as we are adding more and more fun features that would help them earn not only their merit badges by completing outdoor activities but with additional cash rewards based on these activities. It’ll be like getting paid to have fun!

Available for free now on the iPhone App Store & Google Play

Compatible with Desktops, Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

GeoScout mobile app is available for free on Google Play and iPhone App Store.

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Building a Real-time solution for Scouts around the nation.

A mobile app made for the scouting community by scout parents

We are LBS Systems, a start up founded and nurtured by the parents of an Eagle Scout in Arizona. GeoScout™ by LBS Systems was born from many weekends of preparing and going to hiking and camping with our son all the way from a webelos to his achieving the rank of an Eagle Scout.

LBS Systems develops and publishes highly advanced location based apps for mobile devices. GeoScout is such an app developed specifically for scouts all over America. Many years in the making, GeoScout makes possible many functionalities envisioned by today’s youth and their "must have" companions like smartphones, connectivity and facebook.

While we as parents strive to pull our children away from TV and computers, GeoScout makes for a fun, adventurous, educational and exploration oriented experience by letting scouts use the smartphone in the field while being immersed in their immediate outdoor environment.

Stay tuned as LBS Systems brings out more and more exciting rewards based games that educate as well. Please provide feedback as well as ideas to improve the scouting experience on the GeoScout web site.

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